D J Wills Haulier - Lorry Profiles



 1 Ton to 30 Ton, Tippers and Artics, Site Work, Long Distance




Suppliers Of Aggregates, Seasand, Lime, Slag


 Farming Supplies

Hay and Straw, Agricultural Feeds, Sea Sand, Lime, Slag, Soil Testing



Baling, Spreading, Tractor Hire Lime, Slag, Soil Testing

Lorry Profiles


    We run 5 Artic tractor units along with a variety of trailers.
Scrap trailers    
    We use these trailers to transport scrap metals from site to scrap yards. They can also be used to transport lime, sea sand or compost. They can carry up to 24 1/2 Tonnes.
Curtain Side Trailer     
We also have a curtain sided trailer which is used to transport potato boxes, bagged fertiliser and any palletised goods.  This trailer can carry up to 29 tonnes.
Bulk Trailers     
    These trailers are TASCC registered which means they can only carry grain, animal feeds or first time quarried products such as sand, aggregates, sea sand, and lime. As these trailers are lighter they can carry up to 29 Tonnes.
Step Frame    
    This trailer can transport palletised stone or plant and machinery. It can also carry hay and straw. 

8 Wheeler Bulker

  Especially suited to lighter but bulkier items such as woodchip, grain and animal feeds. It can also carry first time quarried items such as stone and aggregate. This lorry is TASCC registered so cannot carry recycled items or compost. It can carry up to 20 Tonnes.

8 Wheeler tipper 

  This lorry has an insulated butt so is specially designed to carry tarmac. It can also carry sea sand, aggregates or other loads such as compost which cannot be carried by our 8 wheeler bulk lorry. It can carry up to 20 tonnes.

6 Wheeler 

  This lorry is especially suited to site clearance work such as building or construction sites. It can transport rubble or waste soils away to be tipped. Due to its stronger butt it is perfect for delivering larger and heavier hedging and walling stone. It can also transport aggregates, sand, lime or sea sand. It can carry up to 15 1/2 tonnes.
6 Wheeler    
This lorry can transport most loads such as sand, aggregates, top soil or be used on site work. This lorry and also transport tarmac.  This lorry can deliver up to 16 tonnes.
4 Wheeler     
  We have 2 4w lorries. Both can carry up to 11 Tonnes of aggregates, sand, sea sand and lime. They can also be useful for hire on site jobs where space may be at a premium. Both lorries can also transport tarmac.
  We  also have an Isuzu tipper for customers who are very restricted for space. This vehicle can deliver up to 1 Tonne of any item except tarmac products.